Frequently asked Questions


Q. I have found a date that suits, but my tennis friends can't make it, can I come on my own?

Yes of course! We will put you in our Team Tour and you get to meet a whole new group of Tennis Team mates with the same passion as you! 

Q. What happens if it rains?

As weather is something we cannot control , we will do our best to ensure you get the most tennis played as possible. Although our training takes place at MDZ Academy on Playdek which are not playable for a few hours if it rains. La Manga Resort  however has multiple surfaces, so we will play some tennis here. 

Q. What is the best way to transfer my rackets to Spain?

We always book one large bag when travelling, so you are welcome to put your racket in with our large racket back if you are only checking in 10kg. We always advise you check with your airline if you intend to carry your racket across in the plane itself. 

Q. What if my plane is arriving in at a different time to the tour and I Miss the transfer?

Don't worry. We can arrange a taxi transfer for you It costs approx €45. There are also occasional buses from RMU (Murcia Airport) to La Manga itself. . If someone is arriving in at the same time we will try and match you up with them. 

Q. I am a parent travelling with junior players, can you arrange our own apartment.

Yes we can, and at great rates. Get in touch with your requirements and budget and we will match you up with a great apartment or villa depending on your needs. 

Q. I'm worried i will be put in a group of players who's standard is too high/low for my game?

Fear not! We are very experienced Tennis coaches and players. We will match you up with players that suit your playing standard. Be sure to mention your playing level in your enquiry. Don't worry, you will train hard! :)