Yes anyone can book a Tennis holiday, and sure, there are lots out there. Here are the reasons why we feel we have the best offering to people who really love Tennis!!

Our Price

You won't find a better Tennis Offering  anywhere! We are not a massive corporate company with targets and  high running costs. We are Tennis players just like you! We love Tennis and want to make Tennis playing holidays more available to everyone! By delivering our training at MDZ academy we have reduced our costs which are then passed on to you. We enjoy our social Tennis on the clay in the La Manga Tennis Centre and keep costs down by including members of the group as drivers. 

The Coaches @ MDZ Academy

I have full confidence in the coaches at MDZ Academy. They are the best, most energetic coaches I have ever worked with! The passion and energy in their teaching is unrivalled!

Miguel Dios Zetterlind was a former coach at the La Manga Tennis Resort. After 10 years, he setup his own academy so that he could work more personally with players and see their development through. If you book  a tennis trip at the La Manga Club, you do not know from month to month what coaches will turn up. This is not the case at MDZ where the coaches are invested in their players development. 


MDZ's players and juniors go on to achieve massive success at national and international levels. Most of his students gain Tennis scholarships to the United States. The results speak for themselves. Let us help you reach your potential! 

On-site Chaperone

From the time you arrive at Murcia or Alicante Airport you have a chaperone who looks after your group and organises your itinerary. They arrange meals out for you and show you around the resort. You have someone to go to if you have a problem and can get on enjoying your holiday.  


For our bespoke packages you can mix and match your activities and tailor your trip to how you like it. We want you to have a fantastic time so feel free to try other sports along the way which we can arrange. The La Manga Tennis Resort has everything on offer, Squash, 3 x golf courses,  biking, swimming and of course lots of downtime activities too! 

And Lastly....

We are Tennis players too! We took a chance one day on a tennis trip to the La Manga Tennis Resort - not knowing what to expect. Now 6 years later we are still going - and have brought lots of Irish people there too! The reaction from those who have gone has been fantastic! The coaching is brilliant, the venue is fantastic and the Apres Tennis is so much fun! 


Linda Mahon, Sutton, LTC


If you are looking for a tennis coaching trip, then Yvonne is the person to organize it for you.  Whether you want 2, 3, 4-hour tennis sessions, Yvonne will customize a package for you.  Miguel and his coaching team are excellent and cater for all standards.  Miguel is very passionate about his coaching, but prepare to be exhauste7d after his sessions , as  he never stops, tennis drills are nonstop. I found Miguel very encouraging and all sessions are structured to your requirements.  We had a fabulous trip with Yvonne to La Manga. Tennis, transports, restaurants were all excellent. It was such a bonus to have Yvonne with us, as she is so familiar with the area. Many thanks Yvonne, we will be back again next year.

Marc Larsen, SLTC League Player/member, La Manga Tour 2018 & 2019.

“I am an active amateur tennis player, love the game and play as much as I can, and I have observed many tennis coaches in different tennis clubs over the years. Whilst at Miguel's tennis academy, where we went for 2 sessions on 2 different occasions, it was simply the best tennis coaching I have ever had. The attention to detail, passion and non-stop energy displayed by Miguel is second to none. Miguel makes you feel special and works on all the small details that needs improvement in your game and I came away from his presence and exercises feeling empowered and with an even higher appreciation and love for the game. In April 2019 the same group of players from Sutton Ltc went to La Manga again for a similar trip and we went Miguel's academy twice again and we simply loved it. To me, like the previous time, it was the highlight of the tennis weekend, and I strongly recommend Miguel and his tennis facility as a place of inspiration and highly entertaining tennis. It'll be a visit you'll always treasure and never forget; Miguel is simply unique...I cannot wait to go there again soon”